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Beyond the Pandemic: Transitioning from the Subclass 408 Visa in Australia

Are you currently holding Subclass 408 COVID-19 Pandemic event visa? Do you know your options once your visa expires?

The Australian Government Endorsed Events (COVID-19 Pandemic event) visa closed to all applications on 1 February 2024. What does this mean to you? Contact the best Immigration Lawyers in Melbourne to find out your options.

If you are holding a Subclass 408 COVID-19 Pandemic event visa currently, you should explore other visa options to remain in Australia. 

The subclass 408 Visa was introduced to allow temporary visa holders to stay in Australia to work if they possessed “critical skills” or if their travel plans had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Due to skills shortage, this visa was extended to permit holders of temporary visas from any industry to remain in Australia for an extended period of time in order to work.

What this means for Employers and Current 408 Visa Holders?

Employers are obligated to ensure that their migrant workers continue to hold a visa with work rights to remain lawfully in Australia.

Current subclass 408 Pandemic Event Visa holders may be able to extend their stay in Australia for work, if they have the relevant skills and experience for a skilled visa. 

Employers and current 408 Visa holders should reconsider the skilled visa options that may be available. A few of the most common temporary work visa options include the Subclass 482 Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa and Subclass 494 Regional Visa. Contact the best Immigration Lawyers in Melbourne to know more about these visas.

The Applicants might act fast to prepare for their next visa, as some options (for example, the Subclass 494 Regional Visa and General Skilled Migration Visas) may require Skills Assessments, which could take several months to complete.

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