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Visa Application Fee increases from 01 July 2024

As of 1 July 2024, the Department of Home Affairs in Australia has implemented a new visa application fee structure. The changes aim to streamline the application process and reflect the administrative costs associated with processing various visa categories.

Applicants are encouraged to review the updated fee schedule on the Department’s official website to understand the specific costs associated with their visa applications as of 01 July 2024.

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Visa TypeVisa SubclassFee until 30 June 2024New Fee as of01 July 2024
Student VisaSubclass 500$710From $1,600 unless exempt
Temporary Graduate VisaSubclass 485$1,895$1,945
Partner visaSubclass 300, 820/801, 309/100$8,850$9,095
TSS (Short Term Stream)Subclass 482$1,455$1,495
TSS (Medium Term Stream)Subclass 482$3,035$3,115
Labour Agreement StreamSubclass 482$3,035$3,115
RSMS Subclass 187$4,640$4,770
ENS Subclass 186 DE & TRT$4,640$4,770
General Skilled MigrationSubclass 189, 190, 491, 494$4,640$4,770
Visitor Visa (Onshore)Subclass 600$475$490
Citizenship Application Citizenship By Conferral$540$560

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