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Family Violence

The Australian Government has taken a zero tolerance approach for domestic and family violence against anyone, including permanent and temporary visa holders.

You do not need to remain in an abusive relationship in order to stay in Australia.

If you have experienced domestic and family violence (family violence), and you are no longer in a relationship with your sponsor, you may be able to be considered for the family violence provisions under migration legislation.

You may be eligible for a permanent visa if the following apply to you:

You have applied for a:

  • Temporary Partner visa (subclass 820)

  • Provisional Partner visa (subclass 309), you are in Australia and eligible for the grant of the visa in Australia, under a COVID-19 visa concession

  • Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa as a dependent where the visa-holding parent has applied for the family violence provisions

  • Distinguished Talent (subclass 858) visa as a secondary visa applicant where the primary visa holder has been granted their permanent visa.

Or you hold a:

  • Temporary Partner visa (subclass 820)

  • Provisional Partner visa (subclass 309) and entered Australia on this visa

  • Provisional Partner visa (subclass 309) which was granted while you were in Australia, under a Covid-19 concession

  • Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) and have entered Australia and married your sponsor (you will need to apply for a Temporary Partner visa).

The family violence, or part of the family violence, must have occurred while your relationship existed with your sponsor (or alleged perpetrator). 

The family violence you have experienced must have been perpetrated by your sponsor.

There are many types of family violence which go beyond physical violence.

If you have been the victim of family violence or unsure about whether you have been the victim of family violence, contact Katsaros & Associates today to a confidential conversation with one of our lawyers.