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immigration lawyers in melbourne

The 2023 Federal Budget

The reality is that a combination of factors over recent years have seen net migration, not only slow down significantly, but essentially drop. This has had a detrimental effect on the broader Australian economy.

The abolition of the 457 visa and the introduction of the 482 visa some years ago, created a division between occupations which could achieve permanent residence. This has had contributed to the exponential growth of what has come to be known as “permanent temporary migrants”.

Migrants that have been here years on end, contributing to the Australian economy and broader community yet are shut out of any real prospect to achieve permanent residency in Australia.

Border closures during the pandemic only added fuel to an already raging fire, which was destroying Australia’s reputation as being one of the better destinations for economic migrants throughout the world.

This year’s federal budget goes someway to start the process of repairing a tired migration system, which is become overly complex; completely under resourced and unjustifiably expensive.

Reforms aim at restoring pathways to permanent residency for migrants, who hold occupations across all industries, which are experiencing unprecedented labor shortages.

We can only hope that this marks the beginning of an overhaul of an outdated immigration system which fails to assist Australian businesses and the hundreds of thousands of migrants who contribute to the Australian workforce and broader Australia community.

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