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Migration System Review: Final Report 2023

Australian Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil has released the long-awaited review in its immigration policies. The Review of the Migration System – Final Report 2023 was released last week after the Government commissioned top migration policy players to conduct the review.

Ms. O’Neil said that the country’s immigration system is “not fit for purpose” and has many flaws that could lead to exploitation.

Key Takeaways from the review

The Review has made the following changes in the current Australian immigration system:

Labor to raise the minimum salary

Ms. Clare O’Neil has revealed that as a consequence of the Review’s findings, the salary threshold for immigrants to obtain sponsorship will be raised from July 1, 2023. Therefore, the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT)will increase to $70,000 from $53,000.

Pathway to permanent residency

All skilled temporary workers will be awarded an opportunity to apply for permanent residency in Australia. The change will come into effect by the end of 2023, making the PR application process even more competitive. This will have a great and positive impact on many 482 visa holders who had been excluded from any pathway to PR as a result of the 2017 overhaul. 

Introduction of three new tiers for migration

The immigration system of Australia will be divided into three tiers. 

  1. The first tier will be a ‘light touch’ one, which will be streamlined for high-earning workers. 
  2. The second tier will be a mainstream skilled pathway focussing on middle-income earners.
  3. The third tier will be for the essential industries, focused on reorganising Australia’s intake of low-earning migrants.

Lesser visa types

The Review found that the immigration system of Australia is highly complex and has more than 100 visa subclasses. The requirements for these visas don’t test their long-term ability to contribute to the economy in reality and the thus the review has concluded that a simplified and condensed system is needed.

Keeping meritorious students in Australia

The Review has acknowledged that International students are an essential source of Australian skilled migration. Currently, these students cannot apply for a graduate visa until graduation. Hence, the review suggests an immediate graduate visa which will simplify the students investing in a future in Australia.

Read the full Review of the Migration System here.

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