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Increased number of Student Visa Refusals

If you are on a Student Visa or applied for one, what does this means to you? Contact Melbourne Migration Lawyers to discuss your situation.

On 11 December 2023, the Australian Government released the Migration Strategy. This Strategy aims to improve international student protection, bolster the credibility and caliber of Australia’s programs for overseas education, and assist graduates in realizing their professional aspirations. 

Stricter requirements to be implemented in 2024 for Student Visa applicants and for Education Providers.

In an effort to curb the international Student Visa industry’s abuse, Australia has lowered the number of Student Visa approvals. 

As per the AAP Newswire, the student visa approval rates dropped by 40 per cent in January compared with the same period last year, according to government sources.

The Parliament of Australia also had the discussion about changing landscape of international education.

Main reasons for Student Visa Refusal includes but are not limited to:

  • Genuine intention to stay temporarily in Australia – The Department must be satisfied that you are genuinely intended to study in Australia and that you will adhere to the requirements of your visa. A new Genuine Student Test will be implemented instead of the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement.

  • Financial Capability – It is imperative that you possess sufficient funds that you can actually afford to cover your living expenses, travel expenses, and course fees for both you and any accompanying family members while in Australia.

  • English Language Requirement – Evidence demonstrating your proficiency in the English language is required. Your application for a Student Visa will be refused if you cannot provide sufficient evidence to support your claim that you meet this requirement.

  • Health Insurance – The Department’s goal is to guarantee that overseas students can afford any necessary hospital and medical care while studying in Australia. Therefore, you need to show in your visa application that you have made sufficient plans to obtain health insurance for the duration of your planned stay in Australia.

  • Fraudulent or Bogus Document – You must verify your identity and include accurate information with your application in order to avoid having your visa refused.

  • Health Requirements – Prior to being granted a Student Visa, there are certain health requirements that must be completed.

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If your Student Visa is refused or you have received a Notice of Intention to Cancel, it is very important to act in time. Contact the best Migration Lawyers in Melbourne and we can assess your options to appeal the decision if you are eligible. 

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