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The new migration strategy at a glance:

Targeting temporary skilled migration to address skills needs and promote worker mobility

A new Skills in Demand Visa will be introduced with 3 targeted pathways and settings that will encourage migrant worker mobility in labour market. It represents a significant step toward addressing the needs of both the workforce and employers. This initiative has the potential to streamline the immigration process for skilled workers and align their qualifications with the specific needs of the job market. Additionally, the emphasis on creating pathways for migrant workers to contribute to the labour force can contribute to economic growth and address existing skills shortages.

Reshaping permanent skilled migration to drive long-term prosperity

This will include a reformed points test for permanent skilled migration and implementation of a new Talent and Innovation Visa. 

The reformed points test for permanent skilled migration presents an opportunity to modernize the selection criteria for prospective migrants, ensuring that the skills and attributes of those seeking residence align more closely with the current and future needs of the labour market. 

The introduction of a new Talent and Innovation visa acknowledges the pivotal role that visionaries and pioneers from around the world can play in propelling sectors of national importance towards growth and sustainable success. By creating a dedicated pathway for these individuals, the visa program can specifically target talent that has the potential to drive innovation, create jobs, and elevate the competitiveness of critical industries.

Strengthening the integrity and quality of international education

This is to ensure that standards for international students and education providers are lifted, and graduates can help meet the skills shortages. This will also ensure that the graduates do not become permanently temporary. By implementing integrity measures, authorities can fortify the quality of education provided to international students, thereby enhancing their experience and ensuring that they acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute meaningfully to the workforce after graduation.

Tackling worker exploitation and the misuse of the visa system

There are comprehensive policies to combat migrant worker exploitation. This is to safeguard the rights and well-being of migrant workers while upholding the credibility and efficacy of migration processes. Penalties will be established to commensurate with the severity of any form of exploitation or mistreatment of workers.

Tailoring regional visas and the Working Holiday Maker program to support regional Australia and its workers.

To ensure visas for regional Australia are prioritised first. This will facilitate access to the working holiday maker program for individuals seeking opportunities in regional Australia and can serve as a valuable avenue to bolster the regional workforce.

Simplifying the migration system to improve the experience for migrants and employers.

A system-wide simplification agenda aims to streamline visa settings, reduce the number of visa classes, and make the overall system easier to use. This agenda is designed to diminish complexities in the visa process, simplify the classification of visas, and enhance the overall user experience when engaging with the visa system. By implementing such an agenda, the goal is to create a more efficient, user-friendly, and accessible visa system for both applicants and administrators alike.

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